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Any cable or connection on a piece of equipment is only as good as the plug or socket attached to it. It does not matter how technically good the cable is or how high the quality and specification of its conductors; if the plug connected to it is of poor quality, sound quality will be adversely affected. As a manufacturer of what is considered by many to be the finest range of audio cables available in the World today, it made perfect sense for us to develop and introduce a complementary range of connectors.

Heavy Silver

The following range of RCA connectors and sockets, Spade and Banana connectors and Loudspeaker Connection Terminals all feature an extremely thick and heavy layer of high purity Silver plating (60 - 70 Microns rather than the usual 7 - 10 Microns) which offers an excellent level of performance whilst remaining solid and reliable. Why do we not make solid Silver connectors you may ask? Quite simply, it is not physically possible to make connectors from high purity solid Silver which are strong and reliable enough to be of any use. We manufactured a test batch of solid, high purity Silver banana plugs which promptly snapped after a few days use!

Cleaned and Polished

As one would expect for a connector coated in such a thick layer of high purity Silver, they will, over time, tarnish and darken in colour. This is not anything to be concerned about, and a simple wipe with a suitable cleaning solution (good quality electronic contact cleaners such as Servisol or Electrolube EML are perfectly adequate) will remove any oxidation and condition the contact areas. Even if the connectors are heavily oxidised, they will still perform extremely well!

The AN-GP-AG is our most affordable RCA connector, and is regularly used on many of our cables up to and including the AN-Vx interconnects. It is a multi-part circular design featuring a semi-hollow, heavily Silver plated centre pin, a heavily Silver plated ring / negative contact, PTFE insulation and a two part, non-magnetic outer metal jacket which incorporates a grub screw for solid strain relief. It is extremely suitable for cables of smaller outer diameter, true coaxial cables, and for use with electronics that have restricted space between the input sockets, thanks to its small outer diameter. It is available with the following rear entry sizes, to suit the external diameter of your selected cable

The AN-P is our premium RCA connector, and is used to terminate our finest cables up to and including the AN-SOGON and AN-SOOTTO interconnects. It is a multi-part circular design featuring a heavily Silver plated, split centre pin, a heavily Silver plated, one piece inner body / negative contact, PTFE insulation and a two part, non-magnetic outer metal jacket. It is suitable for cables of the highest possible quality, true coaxial cables, twisted pair or multi-conductor Litz designs. The larger diameter models (10mm and 12mm rear entry) are physically quite wide, so equipment with very closely positioned RCA sockets may not be suitable for use with these connectors. 


They are available with the following rear entry sizes:

6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm.