This, the ultimate range, is essentially the same as the non-magnetic tantalum resistors, but instead of a high copper content brass end cap, with copper lead out wires, we use a solid silver end cap with 1.2mm pure silver lead out wires.

To be able to have these manufactured, we had to have a special annealable silver material developed by a metallurgist, so we could control the hardness and make the "grip" of the cups sufficient to not come loose from the resistor body when bending the lead out wires. The first production runs of the material varied so much, in hardness, that the reject rate of the cups was over 80%, but after several times reprocessing, the reject rate finally came down to 15-20%, so production could commence. 

The first samples were tested using them as the I/V load in a DAC5 Signature. It was immediately apparent that their sound is something quite special. Even compared to our incredible Non-Magnetic Tantalum range, the difference these Silver resistors make is so great that they may change the sonic landscape overall, allowing a level of transparency and micro dynamics that we can safely claim that this really is the ultimate audio resistor, bar none. 


We are working on extending this range to include 1 and 1/2 watt, so keep an eye and ear open for further developments.