We source all of the Silver used in our cables from a single source, helping to ensure a consistent level of quality and purity. We have to buy large quantities in bulk, meaning that we usually hold what is by far the largest quantity of Silver Bullion in the Audio Industry! All of this Silver is custom drawn to our specific gauge requirements, then coated in a variety of dielectric polymer depending on the application the particular cable is design for. It is then transported to the cable production facility where it is transformed into our extensive range of wires and cables. All of us, and no one else.

At their various price points, they represent the finest possible choices for connecting your loudspeakers to your amplifiers. All models in the range are single group, true Litz, high purity Silver designs apart from AN-SOGON Minor and AN-SOGON, which are both twisted quad, true Litz, high purity Silver. All are supplied in single conductor form, so two pieces will be required for each single wired 'speaker, and four would be required for each bi-wired 'speaker.