For us at Audio Note the deteriorating pound is helping to increase the pain already caused by rising commodity prices, these have now levelled off, only for the pound to take over. So at a time where we have had to swallow much higher prices for copper and silver wires and electrical steels, all HiB and nickel types especially, availability has also become more restricted, so we have experienced longer delivery times as well as rising prices, so not only have we had to pay more for the materials we use, but we have had to hold more stock to ensure that we have stock to bridge the, in some cases, much much longer delivery times, a trible wammy so to speak, higher prices, longer deliveries and greater minimum purchases, all in one, phew!


In spite of all this the good news is that as a result of lengthy collaboration with our suppliers in Sweden/South Korea/Japan/USA we developed from 2009 onwards three greatly improves versions of the standard HiB material that we have been using in our basic C-core transformers since the late 1990s, a material which has also benefitted from our research into heat treatment, so even the basic HiB c-cores are now better than ever!


All of the better HiB materials are so good that they exceed certain aspects and approach other aspects of AN Perma 50% nickel material we currently use and are actually better than some nickel materials we have come across and whilst sonically not as good as our AN-Perma 50, although the sonic differences are really only clearly manifested when we use silver wired bobbins on the nickel c- cores, as a result we shall no longer be offering Nickel cores with copper/copper windings, as it is a cost ineffective solution compared to all copper wound bobbins with AN Ultra HiB c-cores.


The HiB versions are, AN Improved HiB, replaces the previous basic HiB version, on which it improves ay least 30% AN Super HiB, is new, and falls between the above and the Ultra HiB, performance wise a very good value.


AN Ultra HiB, better in some respects than the 50% nickel cores, mainly when using copper windings, but even with silver windings the Ultra HiB has more bass depth.


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