Starting in late June 2012 we introduced a new range of 2 watt Tantalum resistors, the 1/2 Watt and 1 Watt followed in late September 2014. They are similar to the old Shinkoh resistors in that they are non-magnetic, and use a high copper content brass end cap rather than the slightly magnetic iron/nickel end caps found in our standard range of Tantalum resistors. Lead out wires are our usual high quality, tinned OFC copper. 

So how does the lack of magnetic material affect the sound?

Those who are familiar with the long discontinued Shinkoh resistors will recall their extremely transparent, layered, subtle and elegant sound characteristics. With our new range of 2 Watt non-magnetic Tantalum resistors, we have managed to surpass the performance of these revered but unavailable components. The new non-magnetic AN (UK) Tantalums provide increased texture, a darker background and a greater sense of immediacy when compared with the Shinkohs.