Audio Note AC cables used judiciously (you don’t need them on all components) complete the chain and unleash a system’s full potential. We have the sense that sound is extended farther up and down the audio spectrum; through to the world where tiny details live; and out into the physical space where the music was recorded. Everything feels more ‘live’ and present. Instruments sounds like better versions of themselves, human voices are more emotionally affecting. Both inflections and innuendos are more noticeable.

Every cable we produce is designed and manufactured by us, for us, and for no one else. You will not find ANY Audio Note (UK) cable available in any other cable manufacturer's catalogue. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not simply take a readily available standard cable and have our name stamped on the jacket. We specify and design every single element of every cable, from the size and materials for the conductors, through to the dielectric and insulation, right out to the jacket material and connectors. Every part is deliberately chosen to offer the best possible performance at the price, and no element of design or specification is overlooked. We constantly evaluate and, if necessary, redesign our cable range, making sure that, as our understanding of cable construction becomes ever deeper and more enlightened, we pass on these new refinements to you, our customers.


Even if you’re used to extremely high end power cables, these AC cables need to be heard.