The Audio Note (UK) KAISEI range has been developed over the past years in collaboration with the engineering team at Rubycon (of Black Gate fame). Whilst working on our top of the line Black Gate replacements (which we should releasing toward end of the second half of 2016) we realised that it would be possible to put together a range of more affordable electrolytic capacitors that use all of the same materials as these supreme components (the same special electrolyte, foil and construction quality) apart from the hyper expensive and extremely difficult to produce Graphite impregnated paper, so the only difference between the KAISEI capacitors and the forthcoming Black Gate replacements is that the paper is not graphite impregnated in the KAISEI, otherwise they are the same.

The first Audio Note (UK) KAISEI range has been available since late September – early October 2014 and started with the following 4 values, we will add a 220uF/500 volt version late 2015 plus bi-polar versions of the 22uF, 50uF and 100uF, so the entire range of KAISEI capacitors will be available in both polarised and non-polarised (bi-polar).


Please refer to the product title of each capacitor for specifications including size in mm.


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