As we observed the cost of precious metals such as Silver beginning to rise dramatically, we decided to expand our range of more affordable copper cables. We took the groundbreaking designs we developed for our higher level Silver cables, and applied them to a new range of more affordable copper designs. The results were astonishingly good, and provided a level of performance to our customers that previously could not have been attained at such realistic prices. The AN-LEXUS cables are effectively copper versions of our AN-SOGON models, and the new AN-ISIS is a copper version of our Flag Ship interconnect, AN-SOOTTO. We intend to widen the range of Reference Copper cables, so keep a look out for new developments.

Each cable is different, designed for a specific price point and level of performance. AN-D is a mono-group multi-strand design, AN-Ba adds a higher strand count of different sizes along with a screen. AN-La is the first of our true Litz designs, benefiting from each single strand being separately insulated from the others in the group.


AN-LEXUS LX shares its geometry with our Flag Ship Silver cable, AN-SOGON LX. It has a Twisted Quad design, having four independent groups of Litz conductors of varying sizes. Finally, we present our latest Copper Reference loudspeaker cable, ISIS LX. This completely new model is a screened,

Twisted Hex design, consisting of six independently screened groups of Litz conductors. Each group is made up of independently insulated, true Litz conductors of varying diameter, designed to optimise signal transmission.


Most are supplied in single conductor form (except for AN-La and AN-Ba, which are two conductor 'shotgun' configuration), so two pieces will be required for each single wired 'speaker, and four would be required for each bi-wired 'speaker.