No other manufacturer of Audiophile cables offer such a complete and exhaustive range, with a variety of options to suit all and every possible application in a dedicated two channel system. As with all of our products, we take pride in designing the best possible solution for the particular price point. If it is an Audio Note (UK) cable, you can be sure that it is the best possible option available.

All are true Litz, shielded designs, and are supplied unterminated, per meter, either as a Stereo pair or as a mono run for use as a Digital interconnect.


They are an excellent choice for both analogue Stereo interconnects and also Digital interconnects between a CD Transport and DAC. As each cable is either a shielded twisted pair, shielded twisted quad or shielded twisted hex design, they can be configured for use with either single ended / RCA connection or balanced / XLR.